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2023-24 Upper Deck Star Rookies Hockey Box

2023-24 Upper Deck Star Rookies Hockey Box

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Each NHL Star Rookie Box Set contains the complete 25-card base set featuring top 2023-24 rookies.
- The 26th Card! In addition to the complete 25-card base set, each box will contain, on average, one base set parallel card. Lucky collectors will score an Autograph, Black Autograph or all-new Green Parallel (#'d to 5) card!


Autograph Cards:
- Base Set - Autograph Parallel 1:20
- Base Set - Black Autograph Parallel #'d 1-of-1

Non-Autograph Cards:
- Base Set (1-25) 25:1
- Base Set - Blue Parallel 1:2
- Base Set - Gold Parallel #'d to 349
- Base Set - Red Parallel #'d to 75
- Base Set - Green Parallel #'d to 5

25 Cards per Set + 1 Bonus Card

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